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SEO Q&A: Why Have My Ranking Dropped Off?

The SEO Challenge

This is how this story goes. Your SEO efforts have been doing wonders for your business, and you’ve been raking it in with free Google traffic. But overnight, your traffic drops by 75%. You Google your target keyword to see what’s going on, and voila, your ranking for that keyword has dropped! This is not surprising given that the first page of Google results receives 90% of total clicks!

The #1 result on Google gets clicked 30% – 43% of the time. But just because you once achieved top ranking, it doesn’t mean it will last forever.

Getting Your Search Ranking Back

Just like the offline competitive landscape where firms are constantly jostling for a more dominant market positioning, same goes for the prime real estate on Google search. So here’s the cold hard truth: just because you once achieved top ranking, it doesn’t mean it will last forever. In fact, it takes constant search engine optimization to maintain your lead over the competition.
As such, it is a fallacy to believe once you commit to a couple of months of SEO you will be good for the next few years. The simple fact is if your competitor is doing more SEO thank you are over that period, they will likely surpass your lead. In certain niche, high concentration, and low competitive industries, (or just dealing with lazy or clueless competitors) you might get away with not doing additional SEO to maintain your lead, but in today’s hyper competitive world, this is rarely the case for the vast majority of firms in existence.

To explore the potential causes of your ranking drop, go to Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool and look up your competitors’ SEO metrics. Pay attention to the number of backlinks they have and the amount of social activity they’ve generated.

After mapping the SEO competitive landscape, you will have a better understanding of the amount of work you need to do to surpass the competition. To execute, kick off a backlink building campaign with keywords you want to rank higher for.

Penalized After A Google Update

Another possibility for your drop in ranking might be the rollout of a new Google algorithm that either penalized some of your SEO efforts or have rewarded your competition. Contact us for details.

The Brighter Side

We know how frustrating it could be to drop in rankings, but on the bright side, you caught the mistake early, and this gives you the chance to invest in SEO again and put some distance between you and the competition.


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