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SEO Q&A: Why Am I Not Showing Up On Google?

Not Showing Up On Google Vs. Not Ranking Well Due To Lack of Search Engine Optimization

With a multitude of ranking factors, it is sometimes difficult to know what exactly is causing your site not showing up on Google. Luckily, if your site isn’t showing up on google at all, it is a relatively easy fix. Some of our clients mistake not ranking well for particular keywords as not being indexed by Google at all. In the prior case, your website might not be in the first ten pages of Google results for the keywords searched, and in the latter scenario, your website is not listed on Google at all.

To check, type the following into the search bar If you see results, your site is already indexed by Google and just needs better SEO to rank higher, and if no results are returned, we need to continue with the remedy.

The Fix

If your site isn’t indexed, don’t stress, this is a common occurrence for business and webmasters alike. If you just launched your site within the past 48 hours, there’s a good chance Google’s spiders (the search engine robot) hasn’t crawled it yet. First, head over to the Google Search Console Submit URL page and submit your website URL.

However, the above method does not guarantee success. To go a step further, try to generate some links to your website. An effective way is to Tweet the website and set up a few social media pages.

Finally, check back in about 24 hours by doing the same indexation test (Googling “” ). In the off chance your site is still not indexed, contact your webmaster or Resonate Web Design to set up Google Search Console for you and check for errors. If errors are indeed preventing you from indexation, Google will outline the necessary steps to fix them.

Understanding the Importance of SEO

All business owners understand the importance of choosing the right location their physical stores; however, few understand the importance of owning prime real estate on Google search. Studies show that the #1 result for a given search received over 30% of clicks, and the first page of Google results receive more than 90% of all the clicks. This means if your website is poorly search engine optimized, it is as if you’re opening a physical store in the wilderness – and no one is crazy enough to do that. Read more about what affects local search results here.

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