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Top 8 Ranking Factors For Local Search Results

Small businesses are often limited in its geographic scope. For instance, Steve’s Computer Store is physically located in an opportune location to be within a short driving distance to his local customers. However, like the vast majority of small businesses, Steve’s Computer Store is struggling to get found online. Steve knows Google can be an excellent source for customer acquisition, and ranking high could mean saving thousands or tens of thousands of dollars a year on marketing cost – but how exactly does one rank well on local search queries such as “Kitchener Computer Store”?

What is Local Search and Local SEO

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past five years, you have probably seen Google Maps integration into the Google result’s page. Here we demonstrate the results returned for “Waterloo Landscaping.”

These results are in a different format than non-local results. For instance, a search query for “teams in the NHL” returns a search engine results page with a typical but different layout than that of local queries.

The local search result splits into two sections. The top section, with three pins representing the location of the local business, this is called the “local three pack results,” or more formally known as the “local pack finder results,” while the bottom section is the “localized organic search results.”

If you are observant, you will notice that the companies listed for the three-pack results are different than that of the bottom portion. This is because Google uses distinct ranking algorithms for each type of search results. Luckily, SEO Moz, a definitive authority on search engine research and marketing, conducts an annual analysis of top factors affecting each type of search ranking.

Factors Influencing Local Three Pack Ranking in 2017

According to MOZ, ten broad categories are affecting three-pack ranking.

Google My Business Data – 19%

The proximity of the business to the user performing the search, business categories selected while registering for Google My Business, the keyword used to describe the business, etc.

How other websites are linking to you – 17%

Inbound anchor text, legitimacy of domain linking to you

Content structure of your website, also known as on page SEO – 14%

Presence of name, address, and phone number throughout your website, keywords in titles and header, and your domain authority as seen by Google, etc

Citation – 13%

The consistency of your business name, address, and phone number, across business directories and social media profiles such as Facebook, Yellowpages, and Yelp as well as citation volume, etc.

Customer Review – 13%

Ratings your customers have given you on Yelp, Google and the likes. The number of reviews and how often customers write them, review diversity, etc.

Behavioral Signals – 10%

Percentage of time a user enters your website from displayed search results, how often user calls the business from the three pack screen, check-ins, etc.

Personalization – 10%

This differs for each business category

Social Signals – 4%

Facebook, Twitter and Google + engagement

Factors Influencing Localized Organic Results in 2017

How other websites are linking to you – 29%

On-Page SEO – 24%

Behavioral Signals – 11%

Personalization – 9%

Google My Business Data – 7%

Customer Review – 7%

Social Signals – 4%


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